Why EnerDynamic


EnerDynamic Advantage

EnerDynamic delivers proprietary, turn-key energy solutions which are intelligent, bankable and sustainable. Our energy products and solutions can be implemented immediately wherever they are needed.

EnerDynamic stands above its competitors by combining a full suite of solar PV, wind and battery storage solutions, which can deliver energy 24 hours per day in both a small scale and large scale format.

Through our partner manufacturing facilities for Solar PV and Wind Energy products in Gujarat, India and our growing international foot-print we are able to manufacture, distribute and install the world leading innovative hybrid energy solutions across the Indian market and around the globe.

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How It Works

Airflows can be used to run wind turbines. Modern utility-scale wind turbines range from around 600 kW to 5 MW of rated power. The power available from the wind is a function of the cube of the wind speed, so as wind speed increases, power output increases up to the maximum output.

Solar energy, radiant light, and heat from the Sun are harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics. A photovoltaic system converts light into electrical direct current (DC) by taking advantage of the photoelectric effect.


Assembling Power in 1 Hr

All the components and accessories come in our unique integrated kit which is easy and fast to install. The integrated solar module and wind generator make a true hybrid generator which is 1kw to 5kw units. The patented technology design is simple, smart and can be installed anywhere. With renewable energy getting more economical through technology and competition, the Enercube is dynamic and affordable. Additionally, it comes in 24 hours energy solution battery package so you will never have to worry about power.

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